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About EARGASM music blog

We are group of huge music junkies who decided to start a blog, so we could share everything what makes us (and hopefully you, too) have an EARGASM. Stay tuned!

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EARGASMusic birthday contest!

WINNERS: Imran, Lukasz and Gaston! All of you guys win an EARGASMusic.com t-shirt! Congratulations!

Alright people, we will try to keep it short. It has been one year since we started EARGASMusic.com and it totally blew away our expectations.

Just to give you some numbers:
1365 songs featured on EARGASMusic.com
almost 1000 unique visitors daily from 121 different countries
over 7000 subscribers through various social media
and countless hours spent on looking for eargasmic tunes.

We would like to say thank you to everyone showing the love, especially those supporting us since the day one.


To show our appreciation we have 3 EARGASMusic t-shirts to give away. To get one, all you need to do is take a picture entitled “My Eargasm” and email it to us (EARGASMusicblog@gmail.com) Then we post all of the submitted photos to our Facebook fanpage. Authors of three most liked photos get the reward! The winners will be announced 20. April 2013.

Stay creative and good luck!

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