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About EARGASM music blog

We are group of huge music junkies who decided to start a blog, so we could share everything what makes us (and hopefully you, too) have an EARGASM. Stay tuned!

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Burn Selector Festival || Warsaw 2013



We are pleased to inform, that EARGASM music blog has got press/media accreditation for Burn Selector Festival in Warsaw, Poland (06-07.08.2013). The lineup includes such artists as: James Blake, Breakbot, The Knife, Jassie Ware, M.I.A. and many more. We can’t wait for the weekend. It is definitely going to be eargasmic. Stay tuned for our coverage of the festival!

To learn more about this year’s edition of the Burn Selector Festival please head to: http://selectorfestival.pl/en/Media/Press-release/Burn-Selector-Festival-starts-tomorrow

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